Mi, 26. Jun. 2019   Damann, Benedikt

Praxisvortrag der Firma d-fine

Am Dienstag, den 2. Juli 2019, findet im Rahmen der Vorlesung Structuring & Valuation ein Praxisvortrag von Herrn Dr. Jonas Bräuer von der Firma d-fine zum Thema Energy Transition and Digitalization – Insights from d-fine's Consulting Business for Energy Portfolio Management & Trading statt. 

Details zum Vortrag:

Uhrzeit: 18:00 - 20:00 Uhr

Ort: Campus Essen, Raum S06 S00 A21


The energy transition and digitalization are changing the energy system as a whole and have a deep impact on trading operations. Divided in two sessions, we first provide an overview about cutting-edge topics from d-fine's 
consulting business for energy asset optimization and valuation, and also offer to learn about d-fine's  diverse career and development opportunities In the second session, we focus on advanced analytics and machine learning
methods, and their application to energy portfolio management.