Energy Trading Simulation

Energy Trading Simulation

In cooperation with Marlin Software & Training Ltd. we offer you the opportunity to take part in an energy trading simulation. British company Marlin Software & Training Ltd. is the creator of  a virtual learning platform for energy trading. The software allows its users to gain hands-on experience in the complex matter of European energy trading. You can find more information on the company and the interactive energy trading platform at

In the energy trading game offered at the conference, participants sell the power produced by a power plant on the forward market. They trade power and CO2 certificates, manage inventories, react to changes in market and regulatory environment, and manage price risk on power and commodity markets as well as volume and credit risks with suitable hedging strategies. Participants deal with subjects such as "credit limits" and "counterparty risk" and interpret reports generated by the software based on realized profits and market prices in each scenario.

The simulation at the conference is split into two parts: In the first scenario, participants learn about the markets and the features of the software. The step-by-step instructions help to understand the complex matter and there is ample time for questions. The second scenario is a competition in the which teams operate under time constraints. The team that earns the highest profits without violating credit limits wins.

The simulation game will take place on the evening of Oct. 6, the first day of the conference. You can register on site. The limited spots will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.


Excellent learning, very interactive, enjoyable, educational and… pretty close to reality!
Karen Speight, Business Analyst, E.ON Power Technology

By trading and dispatching a virtual asset in the marketplace, they (participants) get close to experiencing the ‘real thing’ and are made to assess and take decisions on the many options that are sometimes available.
David Fernie, EMC Operations Manager, Scottish and Southern Energy plc

The Marlin workshop is a very valuable tool to see the chain of decisions and varying situations that then result in the trading decision and the agreed contract with counterparty.
Laura Nieminen, Manager Trade Controlling, Statkraft Markets GmbH

The training is not only valuable for improving knowledge and skills but also fun! Very well facilitated and hands-on: I can recommend Marlin´s energy trading games to everybody in energy.

Marcel Hol, Intraday Position Manager, ENECO Energy Trade